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Toronto Psychotherapy Solutions

Serving Individuals, Couples, and Families in the

Greater Toronto Area and by Virtual Appointments

Offering a skilled healing presence

and sensitive relational approach

to psychological health and wellness


Individual Psychotherapy

Any number of challenging and painful situations can lead someone to seek individual psychotherapy. I'll work with you in a collaborative and professional way to discuss and resolve confusing and distressing issues related to personal relationships, family life, work, disturbing behaviours like addictions, and various kinds of traumas. A central goal of therapy is to improve overall mental and emotional health and communication in relationships by enhancing human functioning at every stage of life. Both personal insight and behavioural change are encouraged to support satisfying, meaningful relationships, and lasting change.

Couples Therapy

Couples of diverse backgrounds are frequently challenged at various stages of life, from dating and courtship, common law, premarital, early married life and beyond. Distress in communications and intimacy can be disrupted by situations which damage trust, such as infidelity. Other issues involving children and teens, extended and blended families, work, mental health concerns, significant losses, sexual intimacy, and the impact of addictions are explored. Relationship counselling offers a safe place where each partner's voice is heard, and where workable solutions can be explored in a collaborative and respectful manner.

Family Counselling 

Working face-to-face with those in your family group is significant and powerful way to address disruptive and painful issues more directly. Family Therapy provides an opportunity where everyone can come together, and where everyone's voice matters. Negotiating change strategies through crisis periods leads to mutual understanding and significant improvements in family functioning and harmony. I specialize in working with multi-ethnic and blended families, especially those facing challenges of cultural adaptation.

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