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I offer integrative psychotherapy in the humanistic tradition, which includes elements of several well-recognized, evidence-based models of care, including family systems therapy, emotionally-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural and spiritually-oriented psychotherapy, whose use is determined by clients' needs and preferences.

The helping process is directed toward addressing emotional distress, healing from prior traumas, gaining mastery of life, and collaborating towards beneficial change. The focus is always directed toward meeting the concrete needs of clients, improving communication in relationships, and working toward building rich and fulfilling personal and professional lives.

My approach is person-centred and adaptative, rather than theory-driven, and focuses on emotional attunement, finding solutions to life's problems, and to restoring meaning, value and purpose in the midst of life's struggles.  

Born in Toronto, I have been a professional mental health counsellor and psychotherapist for over 25 years with extensive training and experience in individual psychotherapy, couples therapy and Family Therapy in Canada and the United States. I specialize working with couples of mixed ethnicities, who experience relational discord and distress.

Desmond is also a university educator and clinical supervisor for psychotherapists and counsellors since 2008.

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