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please contact me regarding fees

Psychotherapy and counselling services are not covered by OHIP, but may be covered entirely, or in part, by extended healthcare benefit plans. Ask the Human Resources (HR) department at your place of work if you are covered for Registered Psychotherapy (RP) services, or Registered Marriage and Family Therapy services (RMFT), not psychological or psychiatric services.

Since the proclamation of the Psychotherapy Act in Ontario (2007), and the subsequent establishment of the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario (CRPO, 2015), substantive progress is being made toward the inclusion of psychotherapy coverage to many extended health care plans. Psychotherapy clients can advance this effort by advocating for this coverage at their places of work and with their local members of parliament. 

The number of recommended psychotherapy/counselling sessions is always determined in collaboration with clients at the first appointment. This varies depending on the presenting concerns. Clients' progress towards desired goals are periodically reviewed in the regular course of treatment.

Clients are under no obligation to continue with therapy beyond an initial appointment. See CONTACT tab if you would like more information, or to arrange and office visit.

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