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Individual Therapy:


* Distress and Conflict in

Personal and Family Relationships

* Stressful Work Situations

* Difficulties with Children, Teens & Extended & Blended Families

* Understanding Life Direction 

* Issues of Grief, and Adjustment after Signficant Loss

Couples Therapy/
Marriage Counselling:


* Dating & Courtship Concerns

* Common Law Relationships

* Premarital Counselling

* Overcoming Poor Communication

and Emotional Distress 

* Anger Management in Partners

* Restoring Trust in Long-Term Relationships Affected by:

Infidelity, Addictions, Legal Problems,

and Traumas.

* Concerns  of Sexual Intimacy

Coping with Grief and Loss

Mental Health Therapy:

* Clinical Depression

and other Mood Disorders

* Anxiety & Panic Attacks

* Drug and Other Addictions

* Building Recovery

* Abuse & Trauma Survivors

Secure E-Counselling:

* For clients on the go

* For those with disabilities

* For those without access to the City

* Encrypted, web conferencing format.

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